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Amsterdam Museum Academy

Academy Trainers

Mirjam Moll heeft als manager collectieve promotie bij de Museumvereniging de opdracht het verdienvermogen van musea te ve...

Prof. dr. Wayne Modest is the Head of the Research Centre for Material Culture at the National Museum of World Cultures, N...

Koen van Veen is sinds jaar en dag van A tot Z procesverantwoordelijk voor de operationele zaken van de Museumkaart.

Free Lectures

Jasper Visser (strategic designer and senior partner of  VISSCH+STAM)  about Community Engagement.
(video only available in Dutch)

Michiel Buchel (director NEMO) about  "sharing economy" and  the collaboration between the Amsterdam and international museumworld.
(video only available in Dutch)

Caroline Receveur (general manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station) about hospitality in Amsterdam and the partnership between DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam en Amsterdam Museum


More than 13 million visitors meet our front desk colleagues when entering Amsterdam museums. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our front office services. Over the years, the demand for our trainings has been growing. Academy programme includes trainings by our partners DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam, Dutch Museums Association, and Amsterdam Marketing,
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