Amsterdam Museums
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Museums of Amsterdam

Museum News

Björn Stenvers has been appointed as Executive Director of the ICOM Endowment Fund. Stenvers has been director of the Am...
As of May 2017, Diederik von Bönninghausen will act as a new director of Panorama Mesdag.  Diederik von Bönninghausen (4...
Steph Scholten is appointed as a General Director of the prestigious Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery of Glasgow Unive...

Museum Academy

First official certificates were awarded to the participants of the Hospitality Trainings at the Amsterdam Museum Academ...
Quarterly board meeting of the Directors of the Amsterdam Museums @NEMO Science Museum & first Copy of the 'Director...
DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam CS prolongs the partnership with the Amsterdam Museum Academy.

Museum Merchandise

Museum Map 2017

2017 edition of the Amsterdam Museum Map - a guide to 50 museums in the area of Amsterdam.

Museum Map - Kids

2017 edition of the Amsterdam Museum Map written and designed especially for kids. 

Playing Cards

Playing Cards game in collaboration with 48 Amsterdam Museums. Sets of 54 cards.