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Haig Balian quits his job as a zoo director

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

From the 1st of November, Artis will have a new director.

Last Monday, Haig Balian has announced that he will be quitting his job as the zoo director. Balian will focus on the new Artis-Grand Museum, which is being renovated since April this year. He will be replaced by Rembrandt Sutorius, a former manager at the strategic consultancy agency McKinsey.

Balian became the director of Artis in 2003. Under his leadership several major transformations took place: Artis became more sustainable and more focused on the connection between people and nature. In addition, Balian has made a number of changes after which the zoo has gained its financial health. Also, Micropia, the only museum in the world that focuses on microbes, was established by Balian.

Balian considers the Grand Museum, which will be freely accessible at the Artis Square, as the final part of the master plan he has for the zoo. To date, it is still a mystery what the museum will be about.